Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2nd Treatment

Fresh from release at St. Joseph's, Bunny made it over to Moffitt for her 2nd chemo treatment.  After 4 hours of charming the nurses and staff, she has managed to get the extra VIP treatment.  The next visit will be in a private room and will take a fraction of the time.  This may not sound like much, but after listening to the guy next to us with his screaming monkey we are all happy to have the isolation!  She is feeling well today and is going to take a walk with Jim this afternoon.  I hear the Birthday Group is planning another rendezvous at her house tonight.  She is also going to get to enjoy the stone crabs she missed last Friday.


  1. Thank you Allison for setting up this site. I am sharing it will all and encouraging everyone to write...so girls, don't let us down! Bunny you sounded teriffic yesterday and the news of Platinum-card treatment comes as no suprise for a card-carrying gal like you. Will check in tomorrow for more tid bits. Much love, Elise

  2. Keep your mind on your physical ills, and you'll always be sick. - Napoleon Hill

    Bunny, Keep all this positive energy flowing, doing things to make you happy and surrounding yourself with family and friends! Great job Allison, thanks for doing this so I don't have to bug you with lots of phone calls.

  3. OK Hot Stuff!!! The play was good but, not the subject that I would have picked. Didn't leave you feeley touchy. Had a great dinner at The Spice Market and didn't get out till 12:30 am!!! We are very HIP people. We miss you and Jim but the City just isn't lit up like before. ((because your bot not here)!!!! You are doing great and you continue to give inspiration to so many. You rock girl. Love ya, Mean Jean