Monday, November 30, 2009

Sprung Early

It must have been the hair and nails yesterday.  Bunny is being released this morning.  She will be able to go to Moffitt as scheduled for her 2nd Chemotherapy Treatment.  The reporting will continue as planned!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bunny's Spa Day

Only Bunny can somehow manage to have a shampoo/blowdry and manicure at St. Joseph's hospital on a Sunday afternoon.  Her biggest complaint while in ICU was a hangnail.  Thanks to a visit from Lee, the hangnail is no more.  The hair is clean and coiffed, all tubes have been removed and she is feeling great.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bump In The Road

Bunny felt well and looked fabulous at Thanksgiving.  We had dinner at my house with Blake, the 3 grandchildren and a few friends.  The next day she spent some time with out of town guests who came by for a visit.  As they were getting ready to meet The Piepers, Brabsons, and Ketcheys for Stone Crabs at Palma Ceia, Bunny decided that they should let the doctor know about a pain she had been experiencing in her side all day.  It was a tough choice between the ER at St Joseph's and Stone Crabs.  Thanks to Mike, she was in for Xrays immediately.  She made the right choice!  They found a bi lateral pulmonary embolism.  She is on heparin and will be in the hospital for a few days while the medicine works it's magic.

She will be able to have her chemotherapy here on Monday so we will be reporting from a different location!  Keep up your positive messages flowing!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Birthday Group

The Birthday Group celebrated 20 years tonight. Bunny, Carol, June, Laura, and Pat whooped it up in style with Bunny tonight.  I am sure this was the most comfortable they have been in countless birthday celebrations!

Monday, November 23, 2009

First Treatment

We arrived at Moffitt this morning at 810am 20 minutes ahead of schedule. The drive from South Tampa is easier than expected. Jim and I are happily caffinated thanks to Donna (sisterella). Bunny is looking very chic in her Juicy Couture warm up and her only complaint is that she is thirsty. She wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything after midnight. The facility here is beautiful and everyone is very accommodating. We were greeted by Mark Wright who is going to make sure everything goes smoothly. (Thank you Rebecca) We just walked down a hall with 3 Sol Lewitt paintings to the Gold Waiting room for family members. Pretty impressive for a hospital! She is getting her port and will have her first infusion at 1030am.

The port went in easily and she was up and eating graham crackers with peanut butter within minutes. We went almost immediately to the infusion center where they hooked her up with the handy new port and gave her the miracle cure Gemzar. She says she will only need one treatment because it will all be gone after this. We may not need to go back next Monday. She feels great and of course looks even better. Enjoy the photos!