Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Bunny Run

The Moffitt Cancer Center, is having a walk to raise money for cancer research on May 15th (the day after Bunny's birthday!).  I'd like to get a group of her friends together to form a team (complete with Bunny ears and matching tshirts) and walk in honor of Bunny.  Hopefully we can raise a bunch of money that will help find a cure!  If you can't make the walk you can support our team with a donation.  News Channel 10 is going to follow our progress so we might have a practice run on the Bayshore a few weeks before.  If you want to participate you can email me adamsallison@mac.com or call me 813-766-9520.  I will have more details as the date gets closer!   If you have any ideas for a team "name", I'd love some creative help!

1 comment:

  1. Allison this is a “fabulous” plan. I know many from her coffeehouse family would love to participate if that would be OK.
    As for a name; maybe Bunny’s Carats...Because a cure is a girl’s best friend.