Friday, March 26, 2010

Channel 8 and MacDill Chaplain

Only Bunny could turn a Greek Salad, love of country, and her outgoing nature into a sermon!
Last week, Jim and Bunny’s tradition of paying for the meal of a uniform soldier, took a divine turn.  While buying her lunch at a local Greek restaurant, Bunny reached across two men in line, dressed in desert camouflages, added their meal to her tab, and thanked them for serving our country.  As usually occurs, they expressed gratitude and appreciation for her random act of kindness. But in a curious twist, one soldier asked if he could “do anything for her?”  Bunny assured him that he does that every day by protecting America. They parted ways; only to meet again, a few minutes later, getting napkins and iced tea.
“You know,” Bunny said, “you can do something for me. I have a terminal illness and you can pray for me.”
Turning face- to- face for the first time, his wide eyes and white collar were now noticeable, the young, Assistant to the Chaplain at MacDill Air Force Base assured her that he already had prayed for her…and would continue to make her part of his daily conversation with the Lord.  Bunny and Tony DeVoile, the young assistant’s name, shared contact information and agreed their meeting was both a good thing, and a God Thing.
It wasn’t long before this conversation went public!
Tony off to tell the Senior Chaplain at MacDill AFB; Bunny off to tell her prayer circle. But it didn’t stop there. The story spread quickly through South Tampa and MacDill Air Force Base, and to all that heard it or retold it, it became evident this meeting was more than casual coincidence.
Last Sunday it was incorporated into a Palma Ceia Presbyterian sermon and this morning Bunny, Chaplain Assistant Tony, and Senior Chaplain Dr. Bill Coker sat down together with  local news Channel 8 to share this story with our community.  It will air as part of a series, hoping to encourage others facing life’s tribulations or at the very least, remind all of us to tell our men and women in uniform that we are truly grateful for their sacrifice.
Leave it to Bunny


  1. What an incredible story! It shows how your positive energy and positive outlook is contagious. Urs

  2. Bunny & Allison! I just loved that you shared this! Thank you for also bringing sunshine to my day.

  3. You need to contact Guide Posts or Reader's Digest!!

  4. This is a beautiful story. Bunny's incredible beauty both inside and out brought this about.