Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bunny's Spa Day

Only Bunny can somehow manage to have a shampoo/blowdry and manicure at St. Joseph's hospital on a Sunday afternoon.  Her biggest complaint while in ICU was a hangnail.  Thanks to a visit from Lee, the hangnail is no more.  The hair is clean and coiffed, all tubes have been removed and she is feeling great.


  1. Nothing like a new "do" to make a girl feel wonderful! Hope to see you at bridge soon :)

  2. Let's not make this your favorite haunt for a new do! Much love, Mart

  3. Only Bunny could make a hospital gown look sexy w/the over-the-shoulder look!!! Get well and get outa there - you have much better looking frocks at home.

  4. Just like on Project Runway…or is that Project Runaway? Bunny you are fabulous and look refreshed for certain.
    But as a life-long Catholic I thought St. John Frieda or St. Maybelline were the patron saints of hair and nails; not St. Joseph!
    All my love,

  5. Thank goodness you're in the right place at the right time. Hope Monday goes well. You look fantastic. We're rooting for you.
    Vickie & brother

  6. I can think of better choices of spas...isn't there a Ritz in Tampa?...but I love that you're getting great care in both the medical and pampering fields. Get the hell out of there and home soon!! Thanks to Allison for the great love to all. Sylvia

  7. Way to go, Bunny! I love a gal that let's NOTHING get in the way of the beautification process - Love ya...Annette

  8. Look, you Hussey! There is NO WAY you are going to beat my record, but you sure do look one hell of a lot better than I ever did! I never, ever sought a SPA in a hospital. You are the BEST! Love ya, Mean Jean

  9. A spa day at St. Joe's...I wouldn't have expected anything less! Seriously Bunny, a pulmonary embolism...stone crabs are in season girlfriend.
    Bunny, you continue to inspire me with your take no prisoners zeal. You are incredible.
    Allison, thank you for creating this site. Bill and I were thrilled to meet you, your family and Blake at your party a few weeks ago. Every detail was as fabulous as your Mom.
    Bunny, we love ya...Sharon

  10. After our nice long phone visit and my promise (threat?)to visit early this week, I get dissed for a private spa session and accompanying photo shoot.Oh well, can't blame you. If the choice were me or Lee holding a bottle of Opi Fire Engine Red, there's be no hope for me!Get strong and outta there soon. You can only avoid my personal visit and witty repartee for so long. Love you-

  11. You make it all look like fun! Only you could do this!!! Love the blog and the pics!!!