Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Birthday Group

The Birthday Group celebrated 20 years tonight. Bunny, Carol, June, Laura, and Pat whooped it up in style with Bunny tonight.  I am sure this was the most comfortable they have been in countless birthday celebrations!


  1. an incredible woman...glad I know her, McIver (and Allison I thought I was the only person up this early)

  2. What a fabulous celebration and such beautiful gals! But twenty years? Wow, they must have started the "Birthday Group" while in their late teens.

  3. look beautiful...Allison thanks for chonicling this for those of us who care about your Mom...Can't wait to see Bunny when I return from Tennessee in December and can't wait to meet you...

    My thoughts, prayers, love and light are with you all day every day...

    Patricia Massari (sisterella's sister :)

  4. Martpieper@aoal.comNovember 26, 2009 at 9:04 AM

    Using this blog is a real education for me. Thanks for doing it Allison. You all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. All my love and prayers. Mart

  5. Allison, you re the BEST!!! I told Bunny she was SOOO lucky to have you and Blake!!! She must have really done a good job because you couldn't have turned out any better. What a party at your house! You really went all out and didn't miss a trick. I was so lucky to be included.
    I also understand you are the latest "leisure wear" personal shopper. Keep it up. She loves every minute of the attention, and well deserved. Love to all, Jean