Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bump In The Road

Bunny felt well and looked fabulous at Thanksgiving.  We had dinner at my house with Blake, the 3 grandchildren and a few friends.  The next day she spent some time with out of town guests who came by for a visit.  As they were getting ready to meet The Piepers, Brabsons, and Ketcheys for Stone Crabs at Palma Ceia, Bunny decided that they should let the doctor know about a pain she had been experiencing in her side all day.  It was a tough choice between the ER at St Joseph's and Stone Crabs.  Thanks to Mike, she was in for Xrays immediately.  She made the right choice!  They found a bi lateral pulmonary embolism.  She is on heparin and will be in the hospital for a few days while the medicine works it's magic.

She will be able to have her chemotherapy here on Monday so we will be reporting from a different location!  Keep up your positive messages flowing!


  1. We ate your stone crabs, Bunny and sorry for it today. I have a gift for you from Paul which I think you will cherish. I'll drop it off tomorrow when we go to church.

    Love you. John

  2. Hi Bunny,
    Have been keeping up with you and Jim through Mart, and now through your website. Why couldn't the stone crab place deliver??? Have Jim look in to that.
    John and I send much love!

  3. I am sporting a band aide because I cut my thumb while trying to crack those crabs! We missed you, but we'll have some when you come home. Love you tons! Matt

  4. Well dang .... if it's not one thing, it's the other. Sorry you're having to cope with this new development but good for you for electing to go to the ER. An embolism is nothing to be casual about. I'm sure the docs at St. Joe's will get rid of it with the heparin but I know you're upset that this has interrupted your bustling social life. Sellers and I are thinking of you and looking forward to seeing you up and at-em again quickly.
    Love, Liz

  5. Hi Bunny - What a shame- particularly this weekend! You and Jim are deep in our prayers and we send great big hugs along with the anniversary flowers-- will call once you they spring you from prison.

  6. Sorry to hear your in the hospital. Hope your up and about in short order, there is just to much fun to be had outside the hospital!!!!! Love and prayers to you, Arlene

  7. ya, know, Bunny, I've had alot of people not show up for dinner with me and I've heard alot of excuses but I must say, you take the cake!!! Some people, say they have to walk the dog, some say they have to wash their hair because they have lice---I've heard it all but I must say, no one has ever cancelled on me to go the emergency room and stay in ICU for 3 days!!!!! If thats not really true, at least, you and Allison went to a lot of trouble with the pictures to convice us!!!
    Love you,